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Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to us. As part of the Cliftonville Hotel’s operation, we may gather certain types of information about guests and we would like to explain information we gather, what we do with it and how to correct or change information.

Personal Data
Personal data is collected when guests provide personal information to the Cliftonville Hotel, for example in requesting accommodation quotes or Brochures and Tariffs. We collect home addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of guests and these are stored on our company database for further reference. We also retain payment receipts for accounts usage. All personal data is confidential.

The Cliftonville Hotel does not share personal information with third parties for marketing or promotional purposes.

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The Cliftonville Hotel reserves the right to change this policy at any time. You can send e-mail to us with any further questions at

Environmental and Sustainability Policy

The Cliftonville Hotel recognises the importance of reducing its impact on the environment. We have shown support of environmental improvement and sustainability by developing a simple set of operational standards in the form of an Environmental and Sustainability Policy which takes care not to detract from the guest experience. We intend to implement this new Policy over the coming months in order to make a greater and more co-ordinated approach toward a sustainable future.

The key standards include:

  1. Sustainable purchasing arrangements for food, consumables, equipment, energy and chemicals
  2. Transport /travel policy to ensure efficient and effective use of transport resources
  3. Pollution prevention measures and emergency procedures to reduce the risk of incidents and their impact which could damage the hotel environment
  4. Waste minimisation measures including recovery and recycling activities and systems
  5. Energy economy measures for each hotel department
  6. Measures to be considered and incorporated into new builds and refurbishments
  7. Environmental support to the hotel’s local community

The policy sets Company Environmental and Sustainable objectives and allocates responsibilities to every level of management. It requires the implementation of the programme to be co-ordinated and run at hotel level. The aim is to secure commitment, review performance and communicate successes whilst encouraging a high level of environmental performance in line with hotel industry expectations and norms.